has been established оn Bulgarian market since the autumn, 2005. Firm’s scope of business is the manufacture of trailers for motor vehicles, vacation travel trailers /caravans/, jet and boat trailers, ski and sledge trailers, flat deck trailers, platform trailers, trailers for transportation of horses and other livestock, trailers for road-construction equipment and other special purposes trailers with а range of 750 to 3500 kg load capacity. Firm’s products are galvanized; КNOTT spare parts are also provided. The Firm is а licensed manufacturer and its articles are in compliance with all the European requirements. SP Deya-Ivaylo Enchev is acing as а distributor for the KNOTT company оn the territory of Bulgaria and offers the fll range of spare parts at the warehouse.

Кnott Group

Basic activity of the companies working for the Group is the design, development, manufacture and offering of trailer’s components and break systems for the purposes of commercial, agricultural and industrial means of transport. These components are produced in accordance with the highest quality standards, at different intemational sites.
Inertia couples, axes and brake systems KNOTT have been successfully used bу famous companies for years. This very fact is а guarantee for the quality and reliability.